Organic Chocolate Consumer Guide

Published: 27th May 2010
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In my research of organic chocolate, my eyes have really

been opened. I really like chocolate, and am looking

forward to tasting Chava Vital organic chocolate with

Zeolite when it appears in public! In the meantime, I tend

to consume chocolate anyway, particularly around Easter,

when you can't afford it.

From my research, I decided to list a chocolate consumers

guide, to let you know some of the things that are

important in selecting chocolate for your family. After all

the average Australian consumes 12.99 lbs or 5.44Kg of

chocolate a year on average! I know we eat much more than

that around here.

So in considering organic chocolate for your family,

here are some things you should know.

Health Clams

Let's start with the truth about medical claims. In

Australia, we are prohibited from making any disease claims

about food products. Certain ingredients have claims

associated with them, but companies have been fined for

making specific claims. Even though there may be a variety

of health benefits for chocolate or a particular chocolate

product, you will only see health claims for particular

ingredients, where they are backed by research.

Xochai are on notice for breach of this code. The alternate

is to list products as a medicine, and then they come under

the scrutiny of the Therapeutic Goods Association or FDA. These

organizations require extensive proof and research, involve

expensive registration, and then you can only advertise for

the claims approved.

None of this has anything to do with the actual benefits!

Fair Trade Chocolate

Estimates are from 150,000 to 200,000 children operating

as slave labour in Africa in coca production. Until 2000,

there was no fair trade movement for chocolate farming.

Fortunately the world is aware of this and things are

changing. You can help by purchasing fair trade chocolate.

Of the main brands, Cadbury in Australia, New Zealand, at

least is now fair trade certified. Other chocolate brands

carry the fair trade label, so look for it when purchasing

chocolate for your family. Demand Fair Trade chocolate and

do your bit for a better world.

Buy Organic Chocolate that is Fair Trade Certified

Palm Oil

Many chocolates contain "vegetable oil", which is usually

palm oil. This can come from Indonesia where Orangutans are

facing extinction due to deforestation to quench the

world's thirst for cheap palm oil. This is another area

where consumers are driving changes in the corporate world,

and making a real positive difference to life on earth!

Cadbury Chocolate blocks, Whittaker's, Nestle Club, and

many others have now removed palm oil from their products.

For Easter, Cadbury are fair trade and Palm Oil Free, so

thing are definitely improving! Source

Avoid Chocolate with Palm Oil

Cocoa Butter

When Chocolate is processed, the Cocoa Butter is separated

from the Cocoa powder. The powder is effectively what we

use in baking, probably the purest form of chocolate

available. In manufacture, Coca Butter, or Vegetable Oils

are used to reconstitute the chocolate. Look for the % of

Cocoa Butter and Vegetable Oils in your favourite chocolate

bar. Many chocolate products are full of vegetable oil!

Look For Organic Chocolate with High Cocoa Butter Content


You can't get around it, Coca Beans are bitter! Chocolate

is sweetened, mostly using sugar. Chocolate manufactured

with Coca Butter usually contains up to 56% white refined

sugar, said by some to be the most dangerous food on earth!

This is an even higher sugar content than soda pop or soft

drink, although we don't consume chocolate in such high

amounts! Refined sugar includes Phosphoric Acid, Sulfur

Dioxide, and Formic Acid. None of this is good for you! The

cheaper chocolates, contain caster sugar which has even

more chemical processing. Avoid these! You also want to

avoid high fructose corn syrup and beet sugar. Finally, any

sugar is better than an artificial sweetener. Read the

labels. More expensive varieties use organic sugar, which

doesn't have many of the toxins and chemicals in it.

Many don't understand that whole

food, containing the full range of nutrients, is more

easily digested and much healthier for you. The best, of

course is organic cane sugar. We eat raw sugar in our

household, and know we are the healthier for it.

You want Organic Raw Sugar In Your Organic Chocolate

Full Cream Milk Powder

This is used in milk chocolate. There are varying debates

about Milk, and Soy. You can get Soy chocolate. Although

most prefer full cream chocolate, you can avoid the dairy

aspect by selecting dark chocolate with no milk! When I was

a child, I used to have constant colds and stuffed nose,

and was quite sick. It all stopped when I cut our most of

the diary products I was consuming. There is evidence that

dairy is good for cows, but due to its high fat content,

not so good for humans. Dairy in moderation at least!

Eat dairy free dark chocolate

Lead and Cadmium In Chocolate

Heavy Metal Poisoning is a huge problem. Mercury form

Power Stations, old amalgam fillings and vaccinations has

been linked to neurological problems including autism,

aluminium has a clear connection with Alzheimer's, and Lead

can interfere with brain development and causes all sorts

of health challenges left unchecked.

Raw Coca Beans contain a small amount of lead. The

alarming thing is that commercial chocolate can have up to

60 times the lead of the raw Cocoa. Chocolate, being one of

the healthiest foods in its raw form, soaks up everything

in the environment. Research suggests that these lead

levels may be dangerous to children and in the US, "The

American Environmental Safety Institute said it filed a

lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court to force chocolate

makers either to lower levels of lead and cadmium in their

products or provide warnings to consumers". The lawsuit was

filed against Hershey and Mars. Cadmium is another

particularly nasty heavy metal. There are currently no food

labeling requirements for heavy metals in the US or

Australia! We simply don't know what we are eating.

Purchase Chocolate From A Company That Cares About Heavy

Metal And Toxin Removal

Other Additives To Look For

Trans fat - These days health authorities are trying to

reduce trans fat because of the damage to our children from

eating fast food..

High-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) - This is devoid of any

nutrients. It can lead to insulin resistance and weight

gain. It works similar to alcohol, when eaten in large


Artificial sweeteners - there is now overwhelming

evidence that these cause harm!

Soy proteins - Soy can damage the immune system and cause

digestive stress.

Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) - Food additive 621 has made a

comeback. Some people have died from consuming small

amounts. Avoid any food with this additive, purely used as

a flavor enhancer

Preservatives and stabilizers - You only want organic

ingredients in your food.


After reading this article you now have a great consumer's

guide to chocolate. By following these guidelines, you can

get the amazing benefits of the raw Cocoa Bean in a form

that is delicious and satisfying. There are some amazing

healthy substances in Cocoa, but that is another story.

Chava Vital Organic Chocolate is an exciting new product which

meets all of these requirements plus a proprietary almond

based mood enhancer demonstrated to improve your mood by up

to 70% and the power of liquid zeolite. Fill in the form to

the right to be one of the first to sample this healthy

alternate to Supermarket chocolate!

John Gaydon has remained healthy due to his research into natural suplements and food. Having consumed and marketed whole food products previously, he is very excited about Chava Chocolate with Zeolite. Find out more at Cleansing the body of the lead in normal chocolate can be done with Activated Liquid Zeolite. More info on this amaazing technology at

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